The 2022 ADV motorbike riding season is here, and everyone is eager to ride their bikes and go up.

You have missed freezing to go, past the time by watching videos and maybe even buying a few new kits (you know you’ve been late for a long time for a new glasses.

You are ready to go and hit the path, but what about your bike? Have you given it love since the last riding season? This may be caused by small TLC, especially if it will immediately return to service. If not, it doesn’t need to be worried. Here, we offer eight simple tips for preparing your ADV motorbike for the 2022 season.

What do we mean simply? This means that anyone with a series of basic tools and few mechanical abilities can reach these tasks easily. These tips are likely to look easy for veteran mechanics out there, but they are no less important to be taken care of before getting ready for the new season.

1. Give it a once over

Let’s start really simple. Look at the bike for obvious problems requiring repair. Are the handles shredded? Is something folded? Do the lights still work? Are all bolts tightened? You know, simple stuff.

Check anything all that is elapsed from the ordinary or broken, and correct them first. We can be so caught up to make big repairs that we lose sight of the mundane maintenance articles of the mechanical object.

2. Change the oil

Keeping with obvious and simple objects, give your fresh oil motorcycle adventure by making an oil change – and do not forget a new filter too. The stone station of your engine, oil can see abuse when driving hard ADV motorbike riding.

Regular oil changes according to the intervals suggested by the manufacturers Slot Deposit are a good starting point, but the extreme constituency under hot or punishing conditions could justify the need for more frequent oil changes. If in doubt, go ahead and put fresh oil. It’s much cheaper than motor repair.

ADV motorbike

3. Check (and replace) fluids

Changing your oil is important, but don’t ignore other liquids on your motorcycle. Is your cooler old and dirty? What about your brake fluid? If you have a hydraulic coupling, how does the liquid look?

If there is brown, it’s time to flush and refill comprehensively. And don’t forget to bleed the three systems. You don’t want air bubbles.

What if you check the three, and there is no brown? This is a good sign but doesn’t have to show healthy brakes, clutches, or cooling systems. If your brake lever feels spongy, or you don’t remember the last time you change your brake fluid, it’s not a bad idea to replace it.

If the clutch does not engage smoothly or the liquid has not been changed recently, continue and do it. Same as the cooler. It might look fine, but even the cooler requires a flush in the end.

If you have a coupled coupling, the change of liquid does not apply to you. In this case, check whether the clutch pull feels smooth. If not, maybe it’s time to add some lubrication to your coupling cable.

Overall riding can introduce a lot of dirt and dirt to your coupling cable. Good lubricant spray will help and don’t wait to do it at the beginning of each sea of riding! Add some periodically, if necessary.

Finally, don’t forget your suspension fluid. This one is easy to forget because you can’t see it, but it’s hard not to pay attention after it’s too late. Fork and surprise you need service regularly, including replacing liquids inside (including).

If your fork and shock don’t respond well (or at all) for whatever setting settings you make to the court, or if the bike feels like it compresses or rebounds too quickly from adjustment, it can be a sign of your fluid replacing. If you don’t know the last time your suspension has been served, it’s time.

4. Take care of the consumables

Maintenance involves more than just changing the oil and replacing the liquid; There is another maintenance too. Check your brake pads and replace them as needed. The same applies to your chains and sprocket, assuming your bike has them.

Make sure your chain is correct, the chain is in good condition, and the sprocket does not have round teeth. If everything is fine, cleaning and nice lubrication are fine.

If one of the pieces requires a replacement, then change the chain and sprocket as a set. If your bike has a shaft drive, then relax; Nothing applies to you.

Other important maintenance items are air filters. After the season is full (or more), your air filter is likely to be filled with Gunk and it’s not fun. If it can be cleaned, continue and fill it and reinstall it. If not, replace it with a new one if it’s dirty.

5. Check your electrical components 

This one might not be as clear, but check that all your electrical components are in the right form of operation.

With that, we mean confirming all strict and safe electrical connections, good fuses, and questionable cables or connections wrapped in electrical ribbons and/or soldered.

Caring for this can now save you a giant headache when you come out in the middle of nowhere.

6. Check your bars

It sounds ridiculous but looked at the lodge. Maybe your ride style has changed, and you want to move the bar to accommodate. Maybe they are crooked and need to be repaired.

In accordance with our maintenance theme, maybe the bar does not change from side to side as before and requires a clean and fresh oil comprehensive (yes, technically, we talk about cleaning and lubricating the steering wheel and bearing, not the bar, but you get the point).

Don’t underestimate how much dirt and debris can get into the slits of your smallest motorcycle.

7. Check your levers

It’s more like 6.5 points than 7, but who counts? In essence, like your bar, your lever is also worth the view.

We have mentioned the cleaning cable and lubricant, but you might need to position the lever or replace it completely if you want different nuances or have a damaged bar.

8. Change your tires and check your wheels

We have saved the others which are clear to the last. Before exploding for a new riding season, it might make sense to change your ADV tires – assuming your current set needs to be replaced.

Ensuring the rest of your motorcycle is in good condition just to ignore the tire doesn’t make sense, right? Wear fresh rubber and enjoy the trail this season.

With a little elbow oil, you can make sure your adventure motorbikes are ready to sway for the riding season in 2022.

And these points are only the tip of the iceberg; You can certainly do more to motorbikes, and yourself, to make sure your first trip this season is good. But working on your bike gives you an intimate connection with him if something happens during a ride.

But because you take care of it at home, it won’t happen. Right?